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    Jiangxi technology innovation visual report - turbocharged into hot enterprises to speed up the layout

    Date2014/12/13 Label[Industry news] Access statistics5129

    Since this year, accompanied with the state’s encourage energy conservation and emissions reduction policy releasing, turbocharged is become hot concerned. Recently, several auto-parts enterprises continue to increase investment on turbocharger related projects: West Pump Equity Financing turbocharger shell project, Honeywell new turbocharger factory set up in business, BorgWarner second factory in China opening...
    Experts express that turbo engine will represents the development direction of the future for a long time because the absence of more environmentally alternative fuel appearance and more energy-efficient engine can mass production. At the same time, with the 2015 car companies’ fuel consumption limit date nearby ,the turbocharger industry output value will be prosperous.
    Enterprises will speed up the layout
    Recently, several auto-parts enterprises had catch the wildly concern because those enterprises(domestic and oversea company) continue to increase investment on turbocharger related projects .
    West Pump (Henan XiXia automobile water pump co., LTD.) was resumption in early September, after suspended 5 days because of planning a non-public stock items. West Pump announced that total raise money will not exceed 550 million Yuan, they plans to uses those money for Nanyang Dragon auto parts co., LTD., produce 1.5 million(annual capacity) turbocharger shell project, Zhengzhou Dragon auto parts co., LTD., to produce 3 million(annual capacity) auto parts project (phase I) and the added liquidity. Among them, the turbocharger shell project was planing to invest 250 million Yuan. Expected sales income 450 million Yuan can be realized after completely.
    It is understood that the West Pump shares has been committed to research and open the market for the automobile engine parts, actively cooperate with automotive OEM manufacturers. West Pump believed that investment turbocharger shell project, will richer product line, production structure more reasonable.
    International Auto-Parts manufacturers, Honeywell turbocharger, was opened a new factory in Wuhan in early September. As a part of the Honeywell turbo charging technology strategy, Wuhan new plant will enable Honeywell turbocharger production capacity three times in China, to meet the demand of the rapid growth of China's auto market turbo. According to Honeywell’s statistics for Chinese market, the current turbo technology permeability for the new car market in China is 23%, the number will greatly increase in the future.
    Honeywell transportation systems group president and chief executive Mr Han Tailing said: " the new products which Honeywell launched in Chinese market has a quarter of the new products Honeywell launched in global. With more and more attention on energy conservation and emissions reduction in China. For Chinese consumers ,the turbocharger had been the solution from a marginal technology into the mainstream."
    Also in early September, the International auto-parts manufacturer, BorgWarner China's second turbocharger factory held opening ceremony in Taicang, Jiangsu province. BorgWarner Auto-Parts (Jiangsu) co., LTD is the second turbocharger factory in China, main produce passenger vehicle turbocharger. Total area is 50000 square meters, the construction area of current issue is 15800 square meters. The factory was built because increased demand of domestic turbocharger. They were planed that more than 2 million units(annual output) can be reached in 2018.
    Turbocharged engine can add 10 times in-take volume gas depend on turbocharger, than increasing the engine output power. Under the condition of without increasing the engine displacement, increase the output power and increase torque engine significantly, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Data shows that by using turbocharger technology the gasoline and diesel vehicle can reduce the performance up to 20% and 400 - / 0 more fuel-efficient. At the same time, costs will reduced compared with the hybrid cars and electric cars.
    Well-known car commentator ZhaiQin believes that develop efficient turbocharged Turbo technology is feasibly before the pure electric vehicles as a representative of new energy vehicles has not been large-scale commercial popularization: firstly is can let more drivers experience" TuiBei feeling ": Secondly is a turbocharged and naturally aspirated engine compared to increase costs is not much. It can let more customers benefit from it in a short time if this technology can be able to spread in the independent brand vehicles. So, It is a feasible technical route to the implement of the turbocharger and high pressure fuel injection technology, high efficient transmission, etc.
    Experts express that turbocharged models has pretty good reputation among consumers ,turbocharger cars can be acceptable for most consumers if condition allowed, for the feature of its "small but big power" consensus. Relevant enterprises was took a fancy to this point ,Considerate the market and policy factors, those enterprises blithely increasing in the field of turbo for layout.
    Energy conservation and emissions reduction policy
    Announcement released by the ministry of industry and information technology at the end of September shows that China passenger car enterprise average fuel consumption of 7.33 l / 100 km. 111 passenger car companies but 40 is not up to standard in 2013.
    This announcement released by the ministry of industry and information technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, Commerce Ministry, Customs General Administration, Quality Inspection and Quarantine General Administration, within the territory of 2013 year China off 18.2185 million car which produced/import passenger by 111 passenger car companies does not contain new energy passenger car and import passenger cars in China territory in 2013. Average of vehicle curb weight for passenger car industry 1355 kg, Average of fuel consumption actual value is 7.33 liters / 100 km. Among them, 85 domestic passenger car produce enterprises was produced 17.1499 million passenger car. Average vehicle curb weight is 1327 kilograms, average fuel consumption actual value is 7.23 liters / 100 km. The 85 enterprises of the communist party of China has 27 fuel consumption is not up to standard.
    Announcement shows that 1.0686 million passenger car is import 26 passenger car dealers. Average vehicle curb weight is 1792 kilograms. Average fuel consumption of the actual value is 9.06 litres / 100 km. Among them, 13 is not up to standard.
    Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of China passenger car association said that product structure is unreasonable that’s why enterprises do not realize fuel consumption limits target, the company mainly produces and sales of large displacement sport utility vehicle (SUV) and fuel consumption value higher minivans. With the fuel consumption limits approaching, under the pressure of the government strengthening fuel consumption management. Enterprise will be punished, or implement power technology upgrade, adjust product structure if they not up to standard.
    Jia Xinguan ,director of China automobile circulation association said that, the domestic auto industry will continue to give priority to with traditional power technology in energy saving and emission reduction for quite a long time in future. With the fuel consumption limit value approaching, the auto industry is very urgent in the energy saving technology route choice, developing turbo technology is the better way for car companies to achieve energy saving and environmental protection requirements. Energy saving and new energy vehicles industry development planning (2012-2020)clearly put forward, the average fuel consumption for passenger cars which produced in 2015 had fell to 6.9 litres per hundred kilometers,low to 5.0 litres by 2020 year.
    To promote achieve this goal,the ministry of industry and information technology require inStrengthening the management of the passenger car enterprise average fuel consumption notice (draft)which published in May ,that will open bulletin for fuel consumption is not reached; For the average fuel consumption substandard passenger car company in last year, will be suspended to accept the working condition of comprehensive fuel consumption of new products to make the announcement of vehicle manufacturing enterprises and products. For import and export of automobile which average fuel consumption is not standard, passenger car companies fails to perform promised, customs clearance at the customs audit, import inspection, production consistency check to strengthen supervision.
    Noticeexpress that fuel consumption level will also be linked to enterprise capacity expansion project examination and approval . New passenger vehicle production enterprises and existing car passenger production enterprises, enlarge the investment project of passenger car production capacity, the dispute shall be submitted to corporate average fuel consumption plan, substandard should make adjustment scheme. For last year the average fuel consumption, substandard enterprises will temporarily not approve its expansion plans.
    The industry believes that turbo engine will represents the development direction of the future for a long time because the absence of more environmentally alternative fuel appearance and more energy-efficient engine can mass production.
    Strong market demand
    According to the data of China automobile association, SUV sales of 311300 units in August, rose 6.250 - / 0, up 29.63% from last year. From Jan to August, SUV sales of 2.4277 million units, up 34.5% from last year.
    "From the characteristic of auto industry economic operation in 2013, SUV high-speed growth is one of the bright spot."RGL association deputy secretary-general Mr Shi JianHua said that in 2013 China's auto industry reach a high record. Annual sales is 21.98 million units. Among them, the SUV's growth to 49.4%, far higher than the overall growth of the industry. This trend is continuing even in 2014.
    According to energy saving and new energy vehicles industry development planning (2012-2020) proposed that with the average fuel consumption down to 6.9 liters/hundred kilometer "deadline is approaching ,The SUV miniaturization and the application of the turbo technology is becoming a trend.
    "SUV is toward miniaturization and SUV with 2.0 liters below was rapid sales growth. last year's 2.0 -liter smaller SUV sale volume has share in total sales is close to 80%.Mr Wong LuMing, assistant director of the state information center& information resources, said. SUV miniaturization is not to lose some momentum, but set up on the application of advanced technology. The industry believes that turbo is the important guarantee for SUV miniaturization.
    At present, in the domestic automobile market. The "T power" is changed from car market to SUV market.2014 BYD S6 engine 1.5 TI have T power, not only have T power but upgraded to "TI" (turbocharged + direct injection);Changan ford wing beat i. 0T adopted a turbocharged engine technology, maximum power of 92 kw, peak torque 170 cattle* meters, integrated condition of fuel consumption as low as 5.7 liters/hundred kilometers: Guangzhou passenger car first SUV GS5 carry the 1.8 T engine...
    Experts said that as the turbo technology promoted in the field of SUV, small SUV in space, power and other shortages gradually disappear, its high performance advantages are highlighted. In addition to fuel limit, it may further improve the SUV in the domestic car market share.

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